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Ernie Grunfeld's Bad Pixels

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Bad Magical Pixels Ernie Grunfeld does not want you to see...

Backups consist of drafted players Jan Vesely, Keveen Seraphin, Chris Singleton, Glen Rice Jr., Trevor Booker, and Otto Porter. Free agent acquisitions Al Harrington and Eric Maynor. Fall over from last year Martell Webster and Garrett Temple. Good job Ernie!

Ernie Grunfeld's Record as #Wizards GM

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Fire Ernie........ That is all


Ernie Grunfeld's Record as #Wizards GM

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Fire Ernie........ That is all

Horrible Bench is a product of a horrible GM


My Photoshop skills at work

As I watch the Washington-Dallas game I'm getting pretty excited about the lead that we are maintaining. Team is looking good and it feels like momentum has carried from the OKC loss until Wittman puts the entire bench on the floor. Its as if Coach Wittman had money on the game against us and realized "Oh shit we're winning?!" and took the starters and replaced them with a group that can cover his bet. So pretty much we lost the lead and the starters could not dig out of the hole that sunk in the 2nd quarter because of the bench play. I was pissed at Wittman for having the entire bench on the floor with not one guy that can score.

My anger subsided and realized its not Wittman but Ernie Grunfeld. I don't expect the starting lineup to play 48 minutes. This bench is horrible plain and simple. Poor drafting and contracts is made up of what you saw in the Dallas game. The poor drafts in 2011-2013 has come back and haunted a team that is supposed to look like a playoff team. Bench severely lacks a good PG, big man, and a 2013 draft class that may have only played less then 10 minutes combined.

Ernie Grunfeld I don't care how many chances Ted Leonsis gives you. Your mistakes will always haunt our future.

Ernie Grunfeld's Record as #Wizards GM

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Fire Ernie........ That is all

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