Predictable Ted

I wrote this in my last post "Leonsis tweets or blogs during or at the end of a struggling season basically saying "You see, we're a good team" or "This team is going places #dcRising" after a winning streak". And then a couple days later he tweets this

Lets ignore the fact these players are being supported by a bench that ranks last in the league. This bench worth nearly 107 million constructed by Ernie Grunfeld who spent four years saving. Imagine this team with a better bench that could relieve the players Ted Leonsis mentioned. Especially a backcourt which one is injury prone and the other coming from two knee surgeries both logging high minutes.

I remember when Andray Blatche was resigned and Blatche had a couple of good games. Leonsis compared him to Zach Randolf. Another time during the Jordan Crawford era he called the Wall/Crawford/McGee trio his new big 3. We also can't forget the many times at the end of the playoff-less seasons the team would be on a winning streak and Leonsis would gloat. So this latest tweet was real predictable. Right on time Ted like always

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