A Reminder Why Ernie Needs To Be Fired Now Rather Than Later... Spoiler Alert: Dwyane Wade

As of today March 26, 2019 we are currently 96 days away from the 2019 NBA Draft. That is enough time to #FireErnie, find and hire a new General Manager of the Washington Wizards. The new GM can get his team in place to examine the team, get his scouting team in place domestically and internationally, and get the draft board ready. Every second counts and we can't wait until the end of the season to let Ernie go. If this doesn't happen we are doomed to repeat the past. And the past is telling us is to be prepared or we could miss out on a generational player like Dwyane Wade. Thanks Eddie Jordan...

In 2003 the Washington Wizards passed on a trade to bring in Dwyane Wade. Yes, that same Dwyane Wade that is taking his last dance this season. The reason the team passed on the 3 team trade (Miami and Seattle) was because Eddie Jordan wanted to "look at Kwame Brown and give him an opportunity". Why is the coach making this decision instead of the GM? It is because they put themselves in a whirlwind when they fired Michael Jordan just 50 days before the 2003 NBA Draft. Wes Unseld (I wish I can think of him as just a great player but he was Ernie Grunfeld before Ernie Grunfeld) and Abe Polin (RIP) took charge in the offseason. In this short period instead of finding a GM first they hired Eddie Jordan as coach and then hired Ernie Grunfeld. Even though they hired Ernie he was still working for the Milwaukee Bucks and completed their draft before joining the Wizards (huh?). In that draft the Wizards selected Jarvis Hayes and you know the rest of the story with him. So to conclude, we could of had Dwyane Wade but ended up with Jarvis Hayes and keeping Kwame Brown because of how rushed the front office came together. Come to think of it how bad Ernie has done he probably would have passed up that trade too.

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2 Responses to “A Reminder Why Ernie Needs To Be Fired Now Rather Than Later... Spoiler Alert: Dwyane Wade”

  1. Great article!! Hopefully, they fire Ernie...making the same mistake and expecting different result is called stupidity.

    1. Hi! Can you contact me for a story I'm working on about Ernie's tenure? Thanks -- I can be reached at [email protected]


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