I'm Back (Again) and Trevor Booker

"LMAO! Bruh you funny!!" (I gotta get out of here)

Remember when Ernie Grunfeld got fired? Well... I do. I blacked out for 6 months out of pure enjoyment. It was documented here.  I didn't comeback to this site. I've told you guys before THIS SITE IS A DRAG. Thinking and writing about my favorite team and Ernie can do a number on you. In that time I watched now General Manager Tommy Shepperd run an organization as a competent GM should. He's done the complete opposite of what Ernie Grunfeld has done. The current team is young and in a learning process so there will be losing. At least they are not over priced veterans losing like the past years. This team will learn. There is hope... and that's all I've been asking for. Also in that time span I created a new site called fanrankings.com. Its a site where you rank the top 10 of your favorite athletes across multiple positions and sports. I'll talk more about it later. In the meantime check it out and rank (*cough*rank Bradley Beal high*cough*).

With this new found hope I'll be going to more games
(was at the Timberwolves game... let's not speak about the Timberwolves game) and I'll be writing more. This team doesn't bring me down anymore. I'm so excited. For the next level Bradley Beal will take, the rookie season of Rui Hachimura, and many other things. By the time John Wall gets back next year we should be good. There are somethings to worry about (*cough*Coaching*coaching*) but at least its not about Ernie Grunfeld.

And now Trevor Booker. I am not surprised about anything he said. If your a Wizards fan and/or followed Ernie's Horrible Decisions none of this surprises you. Pooping in the shoe (Arenas) and fighting outside of a Nightclub (The McGee and Blatche fight) is what Ernie can create when he mixes his inept horrible decisions together. I'm just surprised Booker spoke about it. I hope more players do. It amazes me (and Booker too) that a professional basketball organization can be run so poorly. Happy its finally over.

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